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How to choose a wedding photographer

Finding a wedding photographer who will capture your big day in the best possible way can be frustrating when there are so many talented and creative photographers.

So, first decide on the budget. Just remember that your pictures that's one of the few things that stay with you forever after the day is over. It doesn't matter how beautiful you looked in your wedding dress or how pretty was a flower arch if you don't have great photos of it.

The overage price for an experienced UK photographer starts from around £1000 for a full wedding day. Some photographers can offer special deals and promotions to fill out the remaining dates or get more bookings in off-season time. No harm of reaching out to your shortlisted ones to check if do any special offers or discounts if they are a bit over your budget. And if not, would you rather spend a bit more and go with someone whose style you really like and who tick all your boxes?

One of the most important things is to make sure that the person has enough experience and capable of dealing with different situations such as rain, wind, harsh sunshine, or dark venues. Have a good look at the galleries to see if there are enough photos that show different scenarios, different seasons, and all aspects of the wedding day such as morning preparations, evening reception, group photos, etc. Ask your photographer to share the full gallery of what someone's wedding day looks like from the start to the end.

Does your photographer have an insurance? Do they have a backup equipment if something goes wrong? I would never turn up at the wedding with one camera body! I simply would not do weddings if I cannot afford to have enough backup.

Another crucial thing is that you get well with the person who capture your big day. If you feel comfortable and relaxed around your photographer, it will show on your photos. Meet them in person or schedule a zoom call before making your decision. On a zoom call I would love to find out more about my couples, how did they meet, what they like to do together to get to know them better and give as much information about myself and my experience to avoid any awkwardness on your wedding day.

Check with your photographer if they had a chance to shoot at your venue before. It is always a bonus if someone knows all the best spots for the photos and can show you some images from that venue. If I haven't been at the venue before I would go and check it out before the wedding on arrive early on the day to familiarise myself with it and make a note of the best places where I'll do group photos and take my couple for a portrait session.

I have photographed weddings in many well-established venues in Essex, Hertfordshire, Suffolk, London such as Crondon Park, Mulberry House, Apton Hall, Friern Manor, Newlands Hall, Dawn Hall, Quendon Hall, Smeetham Hall Barn and many more.

Get in touch to schedule a call and have a chat about your big day.

Download my Photography Welcome Guide here.

Copy of Wedding Photography Welcome Guide (A4 Document)
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