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Ceremony Tips for Couples

Things to remember:

-  When deciding whether you should have a religious or civil ceremony, it is always a good idea to check the rules and restrictions beforehand. Religious ceremonies have more restrictions, and wedding vows wording cannot be amended. Civil ceremonies can be customised to an extent, and you can play your music and write your vows.  Remember that during your religious ceremony, your photography and videography might only be allowed from a specific point and in some cases only from the back of the room. Religious ceremonies also last longer than civil ones, so make sure you have enough time before the start of your wedding reception.

-   Think about the weather and have a backup plan. The majority of venues have both options for indoor and outdoor ceremonies and the final decision can be made on the morning of the wedding day. It’s worth considering whether the venue has enough indoor space and a backdrop for the photographs or if they have a marque/tent to hold the ceremony/drink reception. Nothing can be worse than you book your dream venue based on the outside space and it is raining on the day. Make sure that you are happy with both indoor and outdoor settings. Get some clear umbrellas for your guests in case you decide to have an outdoor ceremony regardless of the weather.

-   The most important thing to remember is to take a deep breath and enjoy every moment. It is not a performance where you will be judged by your guests, it is your big day to celebrate!

Tips for brides walking down the aisle:

-   Make sure that you have a gap between your bridesmaids, and they don’t walk too close to each other, otherwise, it can be hard to take a clear shot of each of them.

-   Don’t rush your entrance, take your time, smile, and make eye contact with your guests to soak in this amazing moment. Hold your bouquet at your belly button, and keep your arms bent and shoulders relaxed.

-   Remember that there are no rules, you can dance to the aisle if you want to. Waive at your guests, hug your loved ones, just do whatever feels right for you.

During your ceremony:

-   Did I say about enjoying your moment?! Don’t rush to read your wedding vows, look into your partner’s eyes, hold hands and don’t be afraid to get emotional. All you need to remember is to bring some tissues with you. Just be yourselves and have fun, it is a celebration after all, and it doesn’t have to be too official.  

When photographing your ceremony, I’ll try to be as discreet as possible and might only move a few times to get different angles and photograph both bride and groom if it doesn’t cause too much destruction of course. I always take close-up shots of your rings exchange and I focus on your emotions as well as the emotions of your guests.

Making your exit as a married couple:

-  Just have fun with it! The official part is over and it’s time for celebration! If you are going to have confetti or bubbles to celebrate, make sure that they are all distributed around your guests and communicate with your photographer, so they can gather everyone together.

If you are getting married and looking for a wedding photographer I would love to hear from you! Book your free consultation and let's have a chat about your wedding details.


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